What is Inside the Flagpole Ball

It’s a timeless question: what’s inside a telescopic flag pole balls? The correct answer is NONE. A flagpole ball’s main purpose is decoration. A flagpole ball is composed of two curved pieces made of aluminum, which are welded together. The rod will be used to insert into the flagpole truck. While the ball has been called a truck, the correct term would be finial. The truck is the vehicle that houses the pulley mechanism. Because most trucks are equipped with threaded holes for the ball, attaching it to the truck prevents water from entering hollow flagpoles.

Urban legends claim that the ball contains symbolic objects to prevent invading enemies from capturing our flag. As do the stories, the items and stories are different.

The most commonly found items in the ball are a match, a razor blade and a gun. If the military unit is destroyed, the last soldier will take down the flag and cut it into strips using the razor. Then he would use the bullet as a suicide weapon to obliterate his secrets. The bullet’s gun is typically buried near the flagpole.

Of course, there are many variations to this simple story. Another variation is that the razor can be used to separate the flag from its halyard but is not used on it. Another variation is the use of the bullet to defend the flag rather than using it for suicide.

Some items may be concealed with additional items. Depending on which version you have, the additional item could be either a grain rice or a wheat grain. The rice will be used to provide fuel for the soldier as he defends the flag. The wheat will be used to replenish food supplies if the soldier is victorious. In the event of victory, a needle and thread would be added to aid in the repair of the flag. It has been mentioned that a pencil can be used to writ.

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