Crystal therapy, crystals, and elixirs can be used to balance our energy.

Every cell in our bodies has an electricity potential. It also has water continuously flowing through it. Blood plasma has over 90% water content and is the source of all our daily needs. The blood is distributed through rivers that carry water throughout the body, helpful hints.

Water is a water polar molecule. Therefore, crystals will have an electrical effect on water. Crystals can be placed on our body in grids and used to balance the electrical charge.

One type of electrical effect crystals has is the PIEZOELECTRIC. It is caused by pressure. The other is a PYROELECTRIC. It is caused by temperature changes, heat. A solid-state electricity field can also affect quartz crystal. It has an effect on a fairly large area of 2-3ft. The crystal’s size does not influence the electrical properties. However, it is possible to notice the energy more with larger crystals. Crystals, because of their atomic structures, have a constant frequency/ vibration that aids us in getting rid of trapped energy.

Water will respond according to its living environment. Low water quality will indicate poor water quality. Dr Masaru, Emoto’s experiments with frozen water crystals have demonstrated how water responds in response to our thoughts and music.

A crystal is a solid, mostly mineral-rich mass. It can be dropped from the sky to give us meteorites. If they do, the heat generated during the landing can cause minerals and other minerals to fuse. Moldavite a crystal was formed 14.8million years ago by a large, meteorite. Scientific theories differ as to whether Moldavite came from the meteorite’s crash landing or is it a result.

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